What airlines are not included in TSA Precheck?

TSA Precheck

TSA PreCheck

I’ve written several articles on here about why I think thatĀ Global Entry is a fantastic service for foreign travelers or anyone that travels in the US a lot. However, I recently flew from Cleveland to New Orleans on Spirit Airlines and found out there are some airlines not included in TSA Precheck.

Last Updated – October 2016

TSA Precheck has been around since October 2011 and has helped speed up security for frequent fliers at over 150+ airports in the USA.

Airlines not included in TSA PreCheck:

Spirit Airlines WOW Air Norwegian Virgin Atlantic
Lufthansa British Airways Air France Korean
Emirates KLM Air Berlin

Basically, any major international carrier and budget airlines do not have TSA PreCheck availability (yet). If your international flight is on one of the carriers below, you are in luck and can use TSA PreCheck.


Airlines included in TSA Precheck:

Air Canada Delta Airlines Southwest Airlines WestJet
Alaska Airlines Hawaiian Airlines Sun Country
Allegiant Airlines JetBlue Airlines United Airlines
American Airlines OneJet Virgin America
Etihad Airlines Aeromexico Cape Air
Seaborne Airlines Frontier Airlines

The good news is that most flights that are operated on a smaller carrier – take Air Wisconsin for example – are Delta codeshare flights. Odds are that you did not book your flight on Air Wisconsin’s website. This means that you should still be able to use TSA PreCheck on your flights. šŸ™‚


TSA PreCheck (Source - ABC News)

TSA PreCheck (Source – ABC News)

Can I use TSA PreCheck on an International Flight?

In my experience, no. Even if you have Global Entry, you cannot get TSA PreCheck for an international flight.

Is TSA PreCheck Worth the $85?

To make a long article short, yes.Ā BUT,Ā consider spending a few more dollars to get Global Entry with TSA PreCheck. For $15, you get expedited Customs clearance when you return from an international flight at 59 different airports.

I, personally, would pay a couple hundred dollars for TSA PreCheck since itĀ reduces the amount of stress I have when catching a flight.


There is a trick that you could try if you have your Global Entry card with you at the airport. Apparently some people have had success showing TSA Agents their global entry card when they are flying on an airline that doesn’t have TSA PreCheck.

I cannot vouch as to whether or not this is true since I’ve never tried it before.Ā So, try at your own risk.


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