What airlines are not included in TSA Precheck?


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  • Greg Etling

    You can absolutely use Precheck on the outbound leg of an international itinerary, as long as you are with one of the participating carriers.

  • Raina

    Agree with Greg. I got precheck on my delta international flights, both outbound and inbound, last year (2016).

  • Historian08

    You cannot get TSA PreCheck for an international flight if the carrier that actually operates the flight is not on the TSA Partners list. Even if you have the Trusted Travelers/ Global Entry pass.Be alert to code-sharing partners for international travel, like American Airlines -British Air, or Delta-Air France-Lufthansa. None of those European carriers are on the TSA Partners list. In September 2016 I booked a trip from San Francisco to London with British Airlines (which is not on the partners list) ; it’s a code share with American Airlines (which is on the list) so you can get your American Airlines frequent flyer miles. Although I could have booked the same flight through American Airlines, that would not have helped as the flight was actually operated by British Airways, meaning that all-important “TSA Pre-Check approved” sign was not on
    my British Airlines boarding pass. I then asked politely at the TSA counter if TSA security would honor my
    Global Entry pass, which I showed to them, to allow me to use TSA Pre-Check. The answer was no.

    • justmythoughts

      I booked a flight on justfly.com for Sep 2018 traveling from MIA, to MUC via London and return. There was a portion of the ticket that had AA as the carrier and not BA. When I completed all the ticketing information…name, passport, address, FF number, etc, etc there was a place for me to enter my KTN number. So if AA and BA are code shared flights, BA should allow the global entry persons to receive that “check mark” on their boarding pass which authorizes you to use the TSA pre-check line.