Skiplagged Review & Precautions To Keep In Mind


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  • Jorge Felizvalerio

    Skiplagged application does give you really inexpensive airline tickets. I booked a plane ticket from Washington DC to Orlando for my mother through Frontier Airlines. There was a ridiculous amount of baggage fees associated with that trip. Frontier charges you for every piece of luggage regardless if it’s a carry-on or check in. Buyer beware.

    • cdt5058

      That’s very true @jorgefelizvalerio:disqus . You have to be careful of low cost carriers when booking with Skiplagged. Hopefully you still managed to save some cash.

      • Leigh

        Very true — but you have to read everything with a fine-toothed comb anyway because the size of the carry-on bags keeps shrinking, the fees to reserve a seat are just ridiculous. In “standard coach” UA, and others (I’ve just seen) don’t even allow you to carry on a piece of luggage — won’t allow you to put anything in the overhead compartments! Nope for THAT you have to upgrade to some “upper” level of coach! I’m so sick of them all — they’ve ruined travel to the point where I travel half as much as I used to/would like to — it’s just not worth the hassle. I read an article recently that explained that the airlines are doing EVERYTHING they possibly can to make flying coach such a miserable nightmare, that people will be forced to upgrade their tickets and pay more…like blocking out all the aisle and window seats and refusing to let you choose them — UNLESS You pay extra money. So — it’s not Skplagged that’s doing this — it’s the airlines themselves. If you put yourself in Skiplagged’s position, they have no interest in having people distrust or hate them. When it comes to explaining exactly how to use “hidden flights” they seem to be working hard to be transparent. I’m just not sure about booking a ticket through THEM , as a reseller, though. When they send you to the airline to purchase it, I know it’s a real ticket and the price is real

  • Katherine Ardiles-Fitzgerald

    is it smart to use skiplagged on international flights. The reason I’m asking is because i don’t want any issues when leaving the airport through customs. Do you happen to know if this is a common issue? Thanks.

    • cdt5058

      Hey @katherineardilesfitzgerald:disqus , I would consult the Skiplagged FAQs. I’ve personally never utilized it on an international flight. The major thing is that you cannot check any bags underneath the aircraft.

    • David Rodriguez Mayorquin

      I used it for an international flight, customs do not care, I booked my flight from boston to toronto (layover in montreal) In montreal instead of going to another terminal I went to customs instead, they just asked me for my passport and where I’m staying that’s it.

    • Leigh

      I’ve never used it, but I have travelled for 40 years internatonally — you WILL Have to have a return ticket from some airline. It’s not custom’s businss how much you paid for your ticket or who you purchased it from, as long as it is a valid ticket for a valid flight, with a valid, legal passport, etc.

  • Leigh

    My husband (70) and I (59) were told about Skiplagged form a friend and checked it out online. We wanted to go see friends in Minneapolis for Labor Day last year (2016) and the airfares were outrageous. We saved more than 50% by booking a “hidden city” flight on UA and “jumping ship” in Minneapolis. We were pretty nervous but — it was fine. Just only took carry on. Our flight back was not a “hidden fare” flight — we booked both as one-way flights. Don’t recall what website we booked the “regular” flight through, sorry (it’s been a year!). I was just looking at the site, though and thye have a fare for a flight and instead of redirecting me to the airline’s website, it says the fare is to be purchased through Skiplagged. I won’t purchase a ticket through and of these third-party resellers — I’ve just read too many appalling nightmares (they seem to be bait=and-switching, offering fares that are vastly less…then saying “oh, that’ fare’s no longer available, its now 50% more, etc.) ANYONE ever PURCHASED a ticket (standard, not “hidden city”) directly through Skiplagged?