Skiplagged Review & Precautions To Keep In Mind


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  • Jorge Felizvalerio

    Skiplagged application does give you really inexpensive airline tickets. I booked a plane ticket from Washington DC to Orlando for my mother through Frontier Airlines. There was a ridiculous amount of baggage fees associated with that trip. Frontier charges you for every piece of luggage regardless if it’s a carry-on or check in. Buyer beware.

    • cdt5058

      That’s very true @jorgefelizvalerio:disqus . You have to be careful of low cost carriers when booking with Skiplagged. Hopefully you still managed to save some cash.

  • Katherine Ardiles-Fitzgerald

    is it smart to use skiplagged on international flights. The reason I’m asking is because i don’t want any issues when leaving the airport through customs. Do you happen to know if this is a common issue? Thanks.

    • cdt5058

      Hey @katherineardilesfitzgerald:disqus , I would consult the Skiplagged FAQs. I’ve personally never utilized it on an international flight. The major thing is that you cannot check any bags underneath the aircraft.

    • David Rodriguez Mayorquin

      I used it for an international flight, customs do not care, I booked my flight from boston to toronto (layover in montreal) In montreal instead of going to another terminal I went to customs instead, they just asked me for my passport and where I’m staying that’s it.