Some of My Favorite Travel Blogs


Finding travel blogs that aren’t all fluff and really get to the nitty-gritty of a place are awesome. As well as blogs that cover food, sites, and experiences that I’ve never seen before. So, I figured why not feature those blogs that deserve some extra attention on my site. Not only do I look up to and admire most of these sites, but everyone that I’ve interacted with that runs their own travel blog on this list is an amazing person. Without further ado, some of my favorite travel blogs.

Nomadic Matt – Probably one of the first blogs that I had stumbled upon years ago, even before I started traveling internationally. The blog’s design is much better and he recently revised his How to Travel the World on $50 a Day book.

Fun for Louis – Not necessarily a blog, but I was introduced to his YouTube channel by my little sisters. Although Louis doesn’t have a blog, his YouTube and social media following are pretty impressive.

Vagablogging – by Rolf Potts (yes, the guy that wrote the ever popular Vagabonding book)

Nomadic Samuel – Sam’s blog is one that I stumbled on while looking for how to effectively create and manage a travel blog. His dedication to being passionate shows through his videos that he creates on Youtube.

That Backpacker – The aforementioned blogger’s better half, Audrey, is a content machine. With nearly 10 full-length posts ever month, her content is extremely relative and consistent.

Maptia – Like Medium, but for explorers & adventurers. I stayed with this team in Taghazout, Morocco for a handful of nights when I was bumming around the country. You can see my profile here.

Art of Non ConformityReading this book changed my perspective on what is important to me and how I go about setting and accomplishing goals in life. Chris’ blog has been a great source for inspiration not just relating to travel, but to life in general.

Travel News, Hacking, and More – – The forums especially are where I became interested in travel news & travel ‘hacking’ for lack of a better word.

Travel Codex (aka HackMyTrip) – Scott MacKenzie was my first foray into the world of Fuel Dumping and travel hacking.

Million Mile Secrets – Where I learned about gaining as many points as possible thru credit card minimum spending. I’ve yet to fully dive into this side of the game, but it is interesting to read from time to time.

View From the Wing – Another one of those blogs I try to read from time to time. Everything and anything about the travel space – whether it is another TSA screwup or about an airline adding more routes, they’re the best at this.

If you would like to be featured on this list of travel blogs, please reach out to me at cory(at)journeyunknown(dot)com