Traveling with a Drone Internationally


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  • What’s your best footage in Ireland?

    • Unfortunately, I have yet to put together a reel from Ireland. I only had around 30 minutes of flight time due to the crazy weather there.

    • cdt5058

      Been a long time coming on this, but here’s a highlight reel I put together –

      • That looks photoshopped 😛

        Nah, that’s incredibly beautiful footage.

  • Nathan

    Hey Cory!

    I’m heading to Ireland soon with my drone. I’m curious how far in advance did you register your drone. I’m worried I won’t be able to get the sticker in time. Please advise!


    • cdt5058

      Hey Nathan,

      I believe it took a few weeks to get the sticker in the USA. I cannot recall if they give you a temporary certificate number or not. I actually didn’t even receive my sticker before my trip. But, I had all my paperwork printed out in case I was stopped.