Let Me Book You a Flight – Flight Consultation Services

Airfare will most likely be the biggest cost for your trip abroad. However, it shouldn’t the deciding factor as to if you should go or not. I’ve decided to start offering flight consultation services for readers of this blog.

How this works – 

  1. You send me a screenshot of your total flight costs and your travel information

  2. I’ll use my bag of tricks to save you money

  3. You pay me 25% of the amount I save you

For example – If you find a flight for $750 and I find a similar flight for $500. The difference between the flights is $250, so, you would pay me $62.50 and I’ll send you the booking information.
Imagine what else you could do in the city you’re going to if I can save you ~$200 total.

Just want me to plan your entire trip? Checkout my Professional Trip Planing service that I offer as well.

After years of learning the tricks of the travel industry, I’ve managed to save thousands on the airfare portion of my trips. Sure, some of these have been mistake airfares, seasonal sales, but most of the time, it has been by following these tips:

  1. Be flexible with your travel dates
  2. Check a flight aggregator like Google Flights, Kayak, or Momondo
  3. Be flexible with arrival locations
  4. Use STA Travel if you are a student or under 26

If the ITA Matrix is too intimidating to use, look no further. Go to the contact page to let me know that you’re interested.