Kenya Walking Survivors Safaris Review

Looking over the Grasslands in Masai Mara

Looking over the Grasslands in Masai Mara

Kenya Walking Survivors Safaris (KWSS) was a once in a lifetime experience.

While there are other high-end safari options out there, I felt that KWSS was the best bang-for-your-buck option out there. While going through the booking process, Mr. Otieno (the manager), was extremely quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had.

After being reassured of the itinerary for our 3-day Masai Mara safari, we went ahead and placed our deposit a few weeks before we were scheduled to be in Kenya.


Once we arrived in Nairobi from our long flight from the USA, we were picked up by KWSS – Clements (driver) and Sam (cook) – at our Bed and Breakfast. From there, we departed on the 6 hour journey to Masai Mara. Along the way, we stopped at various shops and a restaurant to grab souvenirs, food, and drinks. Clements and Sam knew all the answers to our questions as well.

Arriving at our camp before dinner, we had a short game drive in Masai Mara. Clements was quick to radio other drivers (might have been 7 other drivers) to see where all the animals were. He eventually caught wind of a lion and lioness together, so we headed there and saw these majestic animals.

While we were on the drive, Sam was busy at camp cooking up a delicious dinner meal. The dinner meals typically consisted of beef, a vegetable, bread, water, coffee and tea. While breakfast was usually a spanish omelet, juice, potatoes, coffee and tea. Sam’s cooking is amazing and kept us well nourished throughout the safari.

The following days consisted of more game drives where we went all over Masai Mara, close to the Tanzania border, the Mara River, and much more. All while passing thousands of zebras and wildebeests, buffalos, giraffes, elephants, cheetahs, and more. There were times when I caught myself smiling from how amazing this experience was.

Book with the confidence knowing that you will have an amazing time. I cannot recommend Kenya Walking Survivors Safaris enough.


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