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Smoking on Airplanes History 3

When Was Smoking Outlawed on Airplanes?

Smoking on airplanes seems like a commonly known rule when flying on an airplane nowadays. However, it wasn’t always like this. People could smoke on flights up until 2000, but there is a convoluted history...

How to meet locals while traveling 0

Tips for How To Meet Locals While Traveling

Meeting other people while moving from place to place by yourself can be a pretty challenging feat. Meeting locals while traveling is even tougher. They’re the gatekeepers to the hole-in-the-wall restaurants, bars, and entertainment...

Canadian Club Whiskey Hidden Case on Mt. Kili 0

Canadian Club Whiskey Hidden Cases

First crafted in 1858, Canadian Club Whiskey Hidden Cases advertising campaign captivated adventurers and whiskey enthusiasts alike. First started in 1967, the “hide a case” campaign spearheaded Hiram Walker & Sons advertising for approximately the...