Remote Year Alternatives


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  • Ioannis Papoutsis is a 3 or 6 months alternative

  • Kristin Isabelle Messina

    YonderWork ( is another alternative you should check out!

  • Elise Gust

    Work to Roam ( is a new program that combines travel with volunteering in the communities as a cohort in order to create connections and leave a positive impact on each community. More than a tourist. There is a one-month pilot program going to Belize this Sept.

  • Sean Harvey

    We Roam ( is an alternative that provides either 6 or 12-month trips with a focus on professional development/career advancement as well as high quality.

  • You can find an extensive list of travel-while-you-work programs, coliving/coworking houses, digital nomad conferences and more at the following post:

  • Wanderboss

    Wanderboss is an alternative: a 6 month program in Australia, Thailand and Japan. 2 months in each destination. It allows more time to settle and get more out the area where you base yourself for 8 weeks. Starting with Australia will allow our nomads to get contacts with local businesses and investors:

  • Morgane Lg is the less expensive and more interesting alternative by far 🙂

  • Rand Al’Thor if you apply they’ll help you convince your boss to let you go.

  • Jessica Ivins offers the same services as Remote Year but with a smaller group and much smaller price tag at just $1500/month covering travel, living, and co-working expenses.

  • Ann Elizabeth Davis

    Another program to check out is:

    Their focus is volunteering. They provide accomodation, workspace, and match each participant with a non-profit to work with in their free time.

    It’s also significantly less expensive than the others!

  • Nathan Yates

    We Roam ( offers flexible start dates and trip lengths (anything from 3 to 12 months), groups of 40, premium accommodations/destinations and ONLY accepts professionals with full-time remote work.

  • Leland Wilson

    Unfixed Points offers three months in South America with a group of 30. ( They also offer volunteer opportunities in each country.

  • Jessica Ivins

    Thank for you mentioning Pangea196 in your Remote Year Alternatives… it can even be as little as $1500/month if you choose the 12 month program! I am on it and it’s been wonderful so far. Our accommodations and co-working spaces have greatly exceeded my expectations! If anyone has any questions about joining Pangea196… feel free to reach out to me! My email:

    • ML Mazzara

      I am interested in Pangea196 and sent you a personal email this AM. Thanks!

  • Veda Vajpeyi

    No Desk Project ( is a new program and a great Remote Year alternative! It’s a three month experience that offers everything Remote Year does, but with a focus on wellness through three articulated modules (for each country): yoga and meditation, fitness and nutrition, and volunteer work. So No Deskers actually travel with their own entourage of wellness experts that guide them through these experiences–and track personal progress. The volunteering module comes last because one needs to put their own metaphorical oxygen mask of wellness on before helping others 😉 It would be a great addition to your list!

  • Jaap

    Great work Cory, helps me with my research! A few more I found are

    Nomad House
    Wifly Nomads
    B-Digital Nomad
    Digital Outposts
    Project Getaway

    Maybe they’re interesting to add?