Top Five Country Towns to Visit in NSW

Orange –

Orange easily makes the list of the top five country towns to visit in New South Wales. With colonial buildings, hundreds of orchards and some of the finest wine in the state, you will quickly become hooked. Head to the farmer’s markets to try some of the local produce. Or tackle the immense FOOD Week, held at the beginning of April, a gourmet festival showcasing some of the region’s many talents including cooking demonstrations, and wine tasting.

Bathurst –

Come to Australia’s V8 capital! Bathurst is an exceptional place to visit if you are a car enthusiast, with race meets occurring at various times throughout the year, primarily in October. If you want to take a spin around the track that made Bathurst famous, duck up to Mount Panorama. Keep in mind speed limits on the Mount are observed at all times, as it is a local road, so don’t put the pedal to the metal, as police will fine you!

Venture to Abercrombie House on the outskirts of town for a heritage tour of an 1870’s Scottish mansion. Or slurp up some scrumptious cold ice cream from Annie’s Old Fashioned Parlour. Finish your day at Bathurst at Church bar, a recently opened woodfire pizza restaurant, with an extensive list of cocktails to keep you busy.

Young, Jugiong, Cowra –

Being within ‘spitting distance’ of each other, these country towns are a great way to spend a weekend away from the city. Or if you are looking to get some extra cash whilst backpacking you’re headed in the right direction. With Young being the self-proclaimed ‘Cherry Capital of Australia’, means summertime offers an abundance of work for anyone looking.

If you aren’t after some quick cash, venture to Grove Estate Vineyard. Only ten minutes from Young, this vineyard is a divine place to sample some of the local grapes, with free tastings every day of the week. Once you’ve got substantially full on some hearty red wine, and bought a few bottles for later, jump in your car and head to Long track Pantry in Jugiong. The newest, and most delicious cafe in the area. With a farm to table mantra, this little gem hidden along the Murrumbidgee River is full of healthy, wholesome meals with a reasonable price tag.

Haven’t got your country fix yet? Cowra races are the place for you. You definitely won’t be disappointed. Pack your swag, load up your ute(or whatever vehicle you’ve got handy) and experience some ‘true blue Aussie’ culture.

Mungo National Park –

Mungo National Park is a relatively unknown Australian treasure. With the oldest remnants of Aboriginal civilisation in Australia and a diverse landscape, Mungo is a must visit in New South Wales. Take the Foreshore walk, or the Walls of China tour and be introduced to some of the country’s native wildlife, and inspect some of the fascinating histories. Visiting up dried up lakes, and enormous dunes really make you appreciate why Willandra Lakes Region within Mungo is a World Heritage Site.

Tumut, Bago National Park –

After some crunchy Australian apples, and maybe a short wander through a Sugar Pine forest? Well, Tumut is the place. Explore an orchard, pick some apples, try fresh cider and explore this small rural town. The Sugar Pine Walk is about an hour out of Tumut and is a nice way to get in touch with nature. This walk is especially scenic during winter when white snow covers the branches, and ground of this tremendous walk. If you happen to be here around winter, check out the Ciderfest, comparing ranges of local and international cider.


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