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Early Morning in Split, Croatia 0

Top Ten Things to Do in Split, Croatia

I arrived in Split, Croatia early in the morning when the clubs along the water were all letting out. The overnight bus from Trieste, Italy took ~6 hours winding up and down mountainous roads...

Carantonas - Photo by Pedro Armestre (AFP/Getty Images) 0

The Fiesta of St. Sebastian and Las Carantonas History

  Have a weird day. “Carantonas festival in Spain (Cesar Manso/AFP) — pourmecoffee (@pourmecoffee) January 21, 2016 While browsing Twitter one day, I stumbled upon a pretty vivid photo of men and children...

Cadorna Station in Milan, Itlaly 0

36 Hours in Milan

Recently, the New York Times created a really great article on how to spend 36 hours in Milan, Italy. I believe that they are focusing on creating miniature guides for each of their 52 Places...