Did the Beer Make it Back to Pittsburgh Safely?

I’m happy to report that


Yes! The beer made it back safely.

My reaction while opening the checked bag and not seeing any leaks.

The beer did make it back in 1 piece.

Initially, I was concerned about the packing job when the pilot came onto the intercom to let us know that no stewardess would be serving us drinks or snacks due to the abnormal turbulence today.

Usually when I fly this route, I have 2 or 3 turbulence reports. This morning, I had twenty-six. – The Pilot of the Flight from MSP to ORD

This was primarily due to Winter Storm Ajax (pictured below). Ascending above the first cloud layer, which might have been at couple hundred feet altitude, we were tossed about like Shake-n-Bake Chicken. Water from the rain streaking over the wings, forming a silhouette of the airfoil. We kept climbing and climbing, trying to find a relatively calm pocket of air to coast for an hour into Chicago. Luckily once we were over the storm system, it was relatively smooth. Landing was shaky, but, I’ve had worse.

Winter Storm Alex

Winter Storm Alex

With a three-hour layover in Chicago, I’m was hoping that this storm is slow moving so I wouldn’t have the same amount of turbulence as the first flight.

Luckily, the flight went off without a hitch.

I nearly left the airport because I’ve completely grown accustomed to not having a checked bag with me while flying. Luckily, I remembered while on the tram from the Terminal to the ticketing/baggage claim center.

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Above is what the beer looked like when I landed. Perfectly safe (and I’m sure handled with love by TSA).


Bent Paddles Golden IPA

Bent Paddles Golden IPA


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