Hidden City Ticketing Guide

Hidden City Ticketing – the act of routing your flight thru your destination airport to another destination.

Note – Journey Unknown and the authors on this site are not responsible for any ramifications that may occur from utilizing Hidden City Ticketing.

Hidden City Ticketing has been in the news a lot recently due to the coverage Skiplagged has been receiving. Hidden City ticketing is the simple act of booking a one-way ticket to a different destination that has a layover at your actual intended destination for much less than a one way ticket.

For example, a one-way ticket from Pittsburgh (PIT) to New York’s JFK would be $137. However, if we look for flights from Pittsburgh (PIT) to Boston (BOS) that are routed thru JFK, you will see flights for as low as $72. This is a total savings of over 40%!

As stated in our video, it has been reported by people that have used Hidden City Ticketing that you simply walk out of the airport once you arrive at your intended destination – in this instance, JFK. If you are looking to book a hidden city ticket, you must book each flight as a one-way ticket on different reservations. If you do not, the airline will cancel the rest of your itinerary because you didn’t show up to your connecting flight.

Again, Journey Unknown and it’s authors are not responsible for any repercussions caused. This is meant to serve as a guide for interested people.


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