Longest Flights in the World

Delta Branded Boeing 777-200L

Delta Branded Boeing 777-200L

Recently I flew from Hong Kong to New York on a 16 hour Cathay Pacific flight (and somehow survived). Since then, I’ve been wondering what are the longest flights in the world.

Below, you’ll find the longest flights in the world based on distance. By clicking on a column header, you are able to sort the table based on that column.

Longest Flights in the World
no Flight Origin Flight Destination Flight Number Scheduled Duration Distance
1 Jeddah Los Angeles SV 41 16h 55m 8,332 miles
2 Dallas/Fort Worth Sydney QF 8 16h 55m 8,578 miles
3 Johannesburg Atlanta DL 201 16h 40m 8,439 miles
4 Dubai Los Angeles EK 215 16h 35m 8,339 miles
5 Abu Dhabi Los Angeles EY 171 16h 25m 8,390 miles
6 Dubai Houston EK 211 16h 20m 8,168 miles
7 Dallas/Fort Worth Hong Kong AA 137 16h 20m 8,123 miles
8 Abu Dhabi Dallas/Fort Worth EY 161 16h 20m 8,072 miles
9 Doha Houston QR 713 16 h 20m 8,047 miles
10 Dubai Dallas/Fort Worth EK 221 16h 20m 8,040 miles
11 Doha Dallas/Fort Worth QR 733 16 h 20m 7,931 miles
12 Abu Dhabi San Francisco EY 183 16h 15m 8,158 miles
13 New York Guangzhou CZ 300 16h 5m 8,002 miles
14 Johannesburg New York SA 203 16 h 5m 7,969 miles
15 Mumbai Newark UA 49 16h 5m 7,807 miles
Table data courtesy of Wikipedia.com
DFW to SYD Route Map (Courtesy of gcmap.com)

DFW to SYD Route Map (Courtesy of gcmap.com)

According to the table above, the longest flight in the world for distance and duration goes to Qantas’ Dallas (DFW) to Sydney, Australia (SYD). Clocking in at nearly 17 consecutive hours in the air. I believe that my flight from Hong Kong to JFK was somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 hours and 50 minutes. Unfortunately, I was flying this entire leg of the trip in Economy class in a window seat. I’m not too sure if I would ever want to subject my truest enemy to that torture. However, it is neat knowing that I was on one of the longest flights in the world.

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