Make Your iPhone Mimic a GoPro

iPhone vs GoPro Cover Photo

iPhone vs GoPro Cover Photo

As a big fan of technology, I’ve spent a little bit of time contemplating whether or not I should purchase a GoPro for my travels. Luckily, all I had to do was look at the cost of a GoPro (nearly $300!) and decide that I can find an alternative for a much more reasonable price. Here’s a quick guide with how to make your iPhone mimic a GoPro for <$50.00.

In my opinion, you are paying for a glorified Point and Shoot camera with a couple perks.

All you need is the following:

iPhone Clip on Lens

iPhone Clip on Lens

You need the hard-shell case so you can not worry about your phone while taking photos underwater, in dusty climates, and other harsh places on the Earth.

The wide-angle lens adapter is fantastic for really capturing all of the scenery – like mountain ranges, cityscapes, and extensive landscapes. It really will make a difference in the photography that you take from your phone.

Lapse it App Logo

Lapse it App Logo

With the hardware out of the way, you can now focus on the software. Below are some apps you can use to replicate the GoPros functionality.

In order to take a slow motion video, all you need to have is an iPhone 5s or newer and you can natively use the Slo-Mo function on the existing Camera application. If you don’t have the iPhone 5s, 6, or 6s, you can download the SloPro App from the App Store for free.

Time lapse is another great feature of GoPros that a lot of people use. Luckily for you, there isĀ another application that you can use. Below is an example of a timelapse I took with an old iPhone 4 and the app Lapse It.

First signs of ice going down the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh. It was 6*F this morning.

A video posted by Cory Trimm (@journey.unknown) on

With this simple advice, you will nearly be on par with everything that the GoPro offers. You won’t have to worry about another expensive electronic getting lost, stolen, or damaged on your trip. As with every belongingĀ that you take with you, just be careful with your phone and the captures will come out magnificently.


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