Sales City Ticketing to Save Some Money on Airfare

In order to save a few dollars, you can change your city location on Matrix. This is known as sales city ticketing.

Matrix gives you the availability to change where your ticket is being sold to you from. When you change where your ticket is being sold to you from, Matrix will also change the quoted price into the local currency. If you read some airfare rules closely, you will see that some tickets can only be sold from certain areas of the globe. By changing what part of the globe you are being sold or having your ticket quoted at, you can actually save a little bit of money. I have personally seen tickets for $50 cheaper by having them quoted from a different sales city/currency.

This was thought to be a big deal when the Russian ruble was quickly devalued in the past few months. However, I’m come to find out that if you look at a European, an Asian, and a South American city – you just might find a way to save a few dollars.

As the video states, this does come with some risks. I’ve heard of one company (I think in Argentina) that makes you pick up tickets from the ticket counter at the nearest airport. I’m not sure if that is the case anymore. Just be careful with sales city ticketing. Again, Journey Unknown and it’s staff are not responsible for any repercussions that might occur to you.


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