Bad Habit Brewing Company Review – St. Joseph, Minneosta

Bad Habit Brewery From the Outside

Bad Habit Brewing Company From the Outside (Courtesy of Bad Habit’s Facebook Page)

Situated catty-corner from the campuses of The College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University, you’ll find the newly opened Bad Habit Brewing. Approximately 5 miles due west from St. Cloud. Below is my review of Bad Habit Brewing Company.

Bad Habit Brewing Company's Location

Bad Habit Brewing Company’s Location

Pulling up onto the main road in St. Joseph, the streets were filled with cars. Fortunately my dad and I found a place to park across the street, so we wouldn’t have to bear a long walk in the 40* weather. (Which, some people were wearing only long-sleeve shirts!)

While walking up to Bad Habit, there was a certain energy in the air due to the sheer number of people packed inside of the venue. With locally created log furniture, tables, and other wooden & metal accents I felt right like I was back at The Brew Gentlemen in Braddock, PA. The glass facade was replicated on the south wall of the brewery with a glass-paned garage door that will be perfect for the summer months.

Wandering my way up to the bar, I ordered a flight of their 4 beers and a pale ale for my dad. Their beer selection consisted of the following beers:

The beer is reasonably priced at $5 for a pint and $8 for a flight.

After finishing our beer, we decided grabbed a food menu, which ended up being from a pizza shop around the corner called Sliced. I’m sure that if Minnesota is anything like Pennsylvania, there is an archaic law written in stone about serving beer & food in the same place. And if not, hey, they got a great partnership going with Sliced (get some food trucks to have a Food Truck roundup next spring).

Bad Habit Flight of Beers

Bad Habit Flight of Beers

Once we ate, I grabbed another beer. For me, the standout from the flight was the Random Pale Ale. It had a copper color in the glass with a slight head giving off citrus notes.

You could tell with all the beers that Aaron knows how to brew (he has been brewing since 2001). None of the beers were super-disappointing or way out in left field like some microbreweries I’ve visited. I’d be willing to bet that they are nailing down their flagship beers and then will hopefully begin to experiment with season/prototype beers.

I feel fortunate to have found a brewpub that has a strong sense of community and supporting each other. I wish Aaron and the rest of the team at Bad Habit the best of luck. If my visit there was any indication of future success, they’ll be expanding their production line in no time.


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