Busiest Metro Stations in the USA

Top 15 Busiest Metro Stations in the USA

Top 15 Busiest Metro Stations in the USA

Having taken metros in major metro areas around the world, I started to wonder what were the busiest metro stations in the USA. Naturally, my intuition led to major east coast cities, such as New York, Boston, and DC. Below, I’ll look at the top 20 busiest metro stations in the USA and how they compare to car ownership rates in those cities as well.

Busiest Metro Stations vs. Car-Ownership Rates in the USA
Rank City System Annual Riders # of Vehicles per 10 Adults
1 New York City New York City Subway 2,758,485,000 2.9
2 Washington , D.C. Washington Metro 271,160,000 4.7
3 Chicago Chicago 'L' 239,100,200 5.5
4 Boston MBTA Subway (The 'T') 174,820,200 4.7
5 San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit 132,314,200 5.4
6 Philadelphia SEPTA 96,709,400 4.9
7 Manhattan, Jersey City, & Newark Port Authority Trans-Hudson 73,649,000 4.1
8 Atlanta MARTA Rail System 71,504,600 7.1
9 Los Angeles Metro Rail 48,724,700 7
10 Miami Metrorail 21,722,100 5.8
11 Baltimore Baltimore Metro Subway 14,555,100 5.5
12 San Juan Tren Urbano 10,087,500 N/A
13 Philadelphia & Southern New Jersey PATCO Speedline 10,0007,300 N/A
14 Staten Island (New York City) Staten Island Railway 7,228,600 N/A
15 Cleveland RTA Rapid Transit 6,203,200 6.5

It’s really interesting looking into this data, especially comparing the number of annual riders vs. car-ownership rates. I’m curious as to whether or not there is a correlation between the population of a city listed above and the number of riders on the metro. I would be willing to bet that the busiest metro stations in the USA all have a strong number of daily riders. Whereas other smaller cities, like Cleveland, tend to have more cars on the road.

Sources for this article included Wikipedia and Governing.com – Without them, this article would not have been possible and my curiosity would not have been peaked for this topic.


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