Traveling to Vietnam with a Drone [My Experience]


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  • Bill

    I hear permission is required to fly a drone in Vietnam now. Do you know anything about this permission? I read in an article that one has to contact I tried that (twice) and I was eventually referred to the Defense Attache’ Office in Vietnam’s Embassy in my country (which would be the USA.) Not having any information, I emailed a general email account at the Vietnam Embassy in DC and did not get a response.

    This all seems very extreme and overkill, especially since I see many people with videos of Ha Long Bay and other areas in Vietnam. It has to be easier than this. Any ideas? Did you just go out there and wing it? I’ve heard of some people getting arrested for flying around without permission.

    • cdt5058

      Hey Bill. Thanks for the note.

      I only flew my Phantom 4 in Ha Long Bay while in Vietnam. Then I flew it again while in Pai, Thailand. So – each of these locations were sparsely populated without many (if any) government buildings. If you do fly in Ha Long Bay, I would be extremely careful of the eagles that roost in the limestone outcroppings. They were extremely curious about my drone, flying above & below it while I quickly brought it back down to the home point. I just went out there and winged it since I, like you, couldn’t find much information on the subject.

      Perhaps there is a phone number that you could call for the Vietnam Embassy in the USA?