Free Inflight Entertainment on Computers on Delta Flights

Below is how to watch free inflight entertainment on any computer that has Chrome Web Browser installed (on Delta flights). It’s quite straight forward – anyone can do this.

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 9.32.47 AM

Step 1 – Connect to the GoGo inflight wifi.

Step 2 – Open up Chrome

Step 3 – When you try to navigate to your favorite site, Chrome will redirect you to the site above.

Step 4 – Click on the Delta Studio image

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 9.32.59 AM

Step 5 – You will encounter this page if you aren’t using the preferred browsers and/or devices above. It seems pretty off that you cannot use Chrome on any devices.

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 9.33.12 AM

Step 6 – Right Click on the page and then select ‘Inspect’ – This will open up another window that is used in web development for debugging purposes (image below).

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 9.34.04 AM

Step 7 – Now that the ‘Inspect’ Window is open, click on the little phone icon. It is located right underneat the yellow & green buttons on the inspect window. When you click the phone icon, your main window will resize and have new options appear (image below).

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 9.34.12 AM

Step 8 – Select which ‘device’ you would like to watch your entertainment on from the Device <Select Model> dropdown. I believe that Chrome is just rendering the page as if it were loaded on one of these devices. I found that the iPhone 6 seemed to work well for my 2 hour flight (image below).

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 9.34.44 AM

Step 9 – You can see that even though you picked iPhone 6, that the window still says that you are not on a supported device. In order to resolve this, simply reload your page.

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 9.34.54 AM

Step 10 – Once this page reloads, you’ll see that the view is the same size of an iPhone 6. In order to view larger, you can just drag & drop the edges of the viewport in the gray area of the window. Remember, this is an iPhone you are simulating, so you will need to click & drag in order to scroll on the page.

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 9.35.18 AM

Step 11 – Pick & enjoy any entertainment that Delta Studio offers from the convenience of Chrome web browser.

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