How to Create a Travel Blog in 5 Minutes or Less

Steps to Create a Travel Blog in 4 Minutes or Less:

DreamHost Logo

DreamHost Logo (note – click the image to save $$$ on hosting)

  • First, make sure you have web hosting purchased, I prefer
    • Either click the link above or use the Referral Code – JourneyUnknown (all one-word) to save some money on hosting your website.
  • Buy your perfect domain name at
  • For this example, we are using
  • Now that you have your domain name and web hosting, you need to redirect your nameservers to match your web host
    • Log into and go to your Domains.
    • Click on the domain you purchased
    • Then click on Nameservers on the left hand side
    • Click the drop-down and select [ns1-ns3]
    • Click Apply Changes – note – this could take a little bit to propagate across the entire internet
  • Go back to and log into your account
    • Click Manage Domains on the left hand side
    • Click ‘Add Hosting to a Domain/Sub-domain’
    • Type your domain name into the domain input
    • Don’t worry about the other settings
    • Click ‘Fully Host This Domain’
    • Wait until the success message appears
  • Click on ‘One-Click Installs’ on the left hand side
    • Click WordPress
    • Select your domain from the drop-down
    • Click ‘Install it for me now!’
      • Note – Don’t worry about what is included in the deluxe install. It is usually a bunch of free themes, some security plugins, and other items.
  • Wait a little bit
  • Navigate to your website in your browser
  • Follow along with the WordPress Setup Instructions
  • Wahlah! You have now learned how to create a travel blog


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