The Longest Possible Greyhound Rides You Can Book

Greyhound Bus

Greyhound Bus

After being stranded at a Greyhound Bus Station earlier in February, I was curious what the longest Greyhound rides could possibly be.

Utilizing Greyhound’s website, I decided to look up their route map to see how far I could possibly go. From looking at the map, I believe that these are the furthest possible routes you could possibly take:

  • Yellowknife, NT, Canada to Key West, FL, USA – Unable to get a quote
  • Bangor, Maine, USA to Los Angeles, CA, USA – 3d 13h 45m – $169
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada to Key West, FL, USA – 4d 5h 30m – $169
  • Bangor, Maine, USA to San Diego, CA, USA – 3d 17h 0m – $169

Looking at their route map, I tried to look up Yellowknife, NT, but the fares must be extremely limited. I couldn’t find one date. The longest Greyhound rides seem to take you all the way from one tip of the country to the opposite corner.

I’m not entirely sure if the fares are calculated based on the maximum number of transfers or  just a base rate. It seems that the max out of pocket you could pay is $169.00. Looking at the Greyhound schedule, it appears that the best time to book Greyhound is just about a month before your actual trip.

For example, a trip from Los Angeles to New Orleans for 5 days from now would cost a minimum of $208. However, a month from now, it would cost $119. Go another week or two out and you knock off another $10 from the overall price.

I think that Greyhound is potentially a great alternative if you can bear with sitting on a bus for potentially days. Some of our tips for surviving a long flight can definitely help you on this journey. Just keep in mind that buses do break down, sometimes Greyhound over counts capacity, and other problems might arise. I haven’t heard of a time where Greyhound has offered vouchers for bumping you to the next bus, like airlines.

If you’ve taken one of these buses across the country, we’d like to hear about it. Leave a comment below.

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